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We are ON for cladding delivery Friday!!!! Woo!!! Super Mod Passive Solar House Kit get ready for yer glory! ; )

Why is it that when it comes to cladding, I am suddenly schizophrenic?

(When I asked my friend Tony how to spell schizophrenic, he replied, "C-o-p-e-l-a-n-d" Heeeeeey! >: / It's not my fault the cladding's dramatic!)

Our crafty craftsman contractor Ron has arranged for the Amish to take the cladding so no matter *what* the weather is on Friday, we have a dry place to unload it and no trucks will be stuck in the mud!

This still has taken some doing though- there is no address, so thanks to Google Maps I was able to send a satellite picture of the location of the Amish enclave / sawmill.

So... I guess starting next week, you can expect to see more modern passive solar house kit updates!!!! Take a good look at that picture, 'cause you'll be looking at sleek shiny cladding soon! Yay!!!!!

And this is where "It's Raining Again" starts playing in my brain... for all the times I have had to struggle with cladding delivery because of weather, pricing... anything!
"C'mon you little fighter
And get back up again"
Take that, rain! Take that, cladding!
I'm jumping around outdoors with an umbrella!
And someone throw me a beer for getting volume affordable pricing for everyone! High five! : )




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