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Wanna See My Basement? A Preview Glimpse Of Modern Design Crafty Finds For Our Off Grid Modern House!


Want to see my BASEMENT?

Aw, ok, maybe it's not that exciting to YOU, but for ME, it is the depository of years of thrift store crafty finds that we will recycle and reuse in our off grid passive solar house kit.

We will start in my lovely, dusty pantry, where I am on my last jar (sob) of brined tomatoes from the garden (and check out the beautiful Amish pepper jelly! I love that stuff!), head on down the stairs where Handsome Hubby has been rearranging and cleaning all day, to view the disheveled and in-dire-need-of-repair-but-glorious reclaimed finds.

Well, guess we have quite the project while we ready for the house kit completion!
: )

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At 3/4/09, 5:17 AM , Blogger Jane said...

Love the furniture stash. We have a similar collection (but not as big) that we'll bring over in a sea container. My mum gives us great re-upholstery tips! Can't wait to trawl NH for goodies like yours.


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