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Justin Anthony of visits Green Modern Kits! And I am Richmond Tour Guide Extrodinaire. ; )

Justin Anthony of is in Richmond!
So I thought I'd give him a tour of Richmond-land.
We headed over to Manchester, which has been undergoing revitalization of old warehouses being rebirthed into wonderful spaces for entrepreneurs.

We started by touring the wonderful world of Grace Street / 3North.
You may recall that Grace Street's San Francisco office designed our beloved R1 Residential!
They bought an old warehouse, renovated it, and now it houses architecture and design oriented companies along with a wonderful cafe, Savor, below.

Then we visited Tektonics, who is launching their cabin line of pods with me, AND who will be fabricating Akemi Tanaka's furniture kit for Green Modern Kits. Justin is actually going to meet with Akemi in New York later this week to review her almost-final designs!

Finally, we ended at La Difference, the local modern furniture store, where three floors of mod awaited our perusal.

Come along for the tour! Welcome to Richmond-land!
(Click the slideshow below to see the large version of the pics with all the comments to go along with them...)

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