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Case of The Missing Transom

I knew that when Ron called in the morning, instead of in the afternoon to give the daily update, things might not be good.

Apparently a transom is missing, that goes above those double doors on the south side.

So, the kit itself is fine, alllllll the other windows were fine, but now I'm working out with Home Depot if it *was* in the original order (I'm thinking not, it looks like those doors came "as is" with no transom) or how it was missed.
We're probably going to have to take the door back to Home Depot... not fun.

So no pretty pictures of all the windows and doors in today as I hoped!
And this was the last day of Phase 1!

(Phase 2 is cladding, Phase 3, interior.)

(A few hours later...)
Well... if a missing transom is all that was *news* on this project, really, I guess I should be feeling happy! So I'm gonna let that frustration go. : )




At 12/1/08, 2:51 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Home Depot in Lynchburg's customer service ROCKS. They are getting the missing house kit transom asap.

: )

Yay, and I even saw a rainbow today!
(Takes big gasp o' air, and in Orphan Annie voice:)
Thaaaaa Sun'll Come Out...
Ok I'll stop.


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