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Zero Energy House Kit Update! Modern Design Kit Construction Day 6

Please welcome our guest blogger, Ron Bernaldo of Giant Oaks Construction!
Here he recounts Day 6 of our Modern Passive Solar House Kit construction.

"Yes, it was cold this morning... It never made it to 49 today like they predicted...

The lumber we had to buy on this project was more than I thought, if I were going to buy a kit I would expect to get everything provided.

We had a good day today. I want this weather tight Monday, so we will need a great day Friday (tomorrow is Thanksgiving) to make that happen.

I'll start installing windows Friday morning, so it should look spiffy by the time you get here.

We're still waiting to meet with the new cladding vendor Monday.

I spoke to the rubber roofing contractor who says he tentatively can do that low roof membrane next Saturday."

Copeland's note: I will make sure I reiterate very clearly not only with the client but their contractor that yes, this is a *bare bones* kit, for a good reason: Each person will have their own systems choices, cladding decisions (although I am hooking you up with a volume pricing for the metal cladding, etc.) that will customize the kit. At the end of the day, you guys want a kit that's energy efficient and gorgeous, but that you can make look like your *self*!

If, as the factory had mentioned in a previous response, we had included all that framing lumber with the kit, the cost for shipping etc., would have been substantial vs. buying locally. I think what I'll do is really go over that aspect with every new contractor as each project starts so they are very clear on their estimates.

We will go and check out the house Friday... In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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At 5/10/12, 7:16 PM , Anonymous Gerber Construction said...

you guys are definitely good at what you do I've seen some dang bad construction jobs and this sure as heck ain't one of em. Keep up the good work.

At 8/24/14, 10:32 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

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