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Vintage Hat Friday! Reuse and Recycle, and Frickin' Have An Excuse To Wear A Hat!

It is a *quiet* office today... no one's here! (Amy's submission was sent via email)

Amy's at some cosplay convention (that's like serious gamer culture, even worse than Star Trek! One day I *WILL* drag that awesome photo link out of her in all her award-winning cosplay glory) and Kien is... gone, as always (but this week our hearts go deeply out to him and his family)... even Christoph is on deadline and gone... and where the heck are Tony & Jane?

Humph. So much for competition! And no architects participating! (Although I did recall Eric Drivdahl o' Green Cottage Kits was supposed to submit one?!? Hmmmmmmm?)

So this week's Vintage Hat Friday, celebrating reuse/recycling in the workplace, is rather quiet... so vote loudly!

Copeland: Well, after last week's ensemble (who you calling hussy?!?) I wanted something I could wear with dignity into preschool, much less continue on to tonight's First Friday Art Walk. So I'm calling my outfit... "Stylin', Not Reviling."
  • The hat: Saved from a rummage sale... Love the flowers, there's even little bits of velvet green "vines" here and there. And if you turn it over, a tag proudly declares, "Union Made!"
  • The dress: It's been awhile since I've worn this dress, a $1.99 special from the local thrift store- I love the botanical print and light colors! But last time I wore it, I walked into a restaurant to meet my sister, who had already been seated. She looked at my entrance and declared loudly,
    "Oh look! She's forgotten her pants!"
    Drat you, Jane! (I'm sure it woulda looked great on Kate Moss!)
P.s. I also had strategy on Amy's cosplay link. I'm appealing to her pride to correct the *super* *BAD* image link- Bwa-hahahaha!- and replace it with her awesome photo album! Hahahaha!

Amy: Lady in...Pink?

Ok...I know you've seen some pink from me before in this competition, and you'll see some more still, but I swear I almost never include it in my standard wardrobe. But I saw this dress at the Halcyon Rummage sale, and was blown away by the sleeves!!! How could you not love that! All the detail and rhinestones with prong settings! So I'm sporting a pink dress, and a lovely white woven tall hat with organza pleated band. I feel a little silly in a hat this tall, but I suppose it must have been in vogue at some point. The gloves were also found at the same estate sale, and I love the fine seams and detailing that went into them.

Good luck!

Copeland's note: When I opened up Amy's picture she had sent via email, I had but one thought:

Doesn't she look gorgeous?!?
If she were here I'd take her out to a nice ladies lunch! With wine!




At 11/7/08, 10:29 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Drat! First vote, from the factory!

"Copeland I am sorry but I am in love with Amy’s hat today. Yours is awesome too but once I scrolled down to hers I fell head over heels. I want to go hat shopping with you guys!"

At 11/7/08, 1:22 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Amy, via email, is feeling sorry for me!
"That's very sweet, but I LOVE your hat! I vote for YOU!"

Sorry, Amy, I'm gonna take your vote and COUNT it! ; )

At 11/7/08, 2:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the playful look that Copeland sports, but have to vote for the polished look Amy puts together. It may be period clothing, but she could still wear it to a high society event today!

At 11/7/08, 3:39 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE Amy's ensemble - definitely a winning combo. My vote's for her!

At 11/7/08, 3:56 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

I think we can all agree:
Amy looks *FABULOUS*!!!

At 11/7/08, 5:34 PM , Blogger Unknown said...


ok. I love Amy's ensemble. But this is about hats. And the concoction of a hat that Copeland has on is nothing short of a oddtastic!


At 11/7/08, 6:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I have to agree with candice and say, if it were just the hat, Copelands odd curiosity intrigues me. However, on the whole, I am always taken by a woman wearing fancy gloves. Nice work, Amy. need to send me a reminder on Thursday!!! I keep forgetting, because I WILL participate.

At 11/21/08, 4:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copeland, I have to vote for you. Although, I do love the coat Amy is wearing and a Mall purchase? I didn't see the first outfits that you posted---vavavoom!


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