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Streams, web, markets, more.

In my other company there have been a lot of arguments lately regarding how the web connects and plays into "marketing" and how it can put voices together, regardless of where they are.

According to some, data is a silo. To others, data is an ever-changing "stream" that gathers information from many springs to converge into a roilin' creek-full o' information. Still more attest that it's not all these different things but all part of each other, integrated- how our experience is not many channels but *just* the web.

For myself, it's meaningful because voices previously lost can now be heard:
For example, Lewa Children's Home, which historically relied solely on their own subsistence *and* on large donations from big international charity groups- connections that were difficult to make in the first place as they had no internet, can now connect on Face Book not only to new potential international donors, new *and* old volunteers and friends, and keep in touch easily with far-flung family, but they are now able to expand their *local* market earnings and self-reliance by selling cheese online to local Kenyan markets. (And *check out* their cheese --> isn't it beautiful?)

So streams, silos, and plain ole web:
Really, it's bigger than that.
Complicatedly simple.

On twitter I remarked,

"Streams? Web? Convergence? Bigger than that. Connected, all."


Thought this animation shows it beautifully: nature, data, voices, the environment...
All, *everything* is integrated, touching each other.
This is obviously not a new concept.
I was just... mulling over it in my small brain.
: )
(Plus I'm *always* up for any excuse to play Erik Satie!)




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