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MEMO: Friday Policy
FROM: Copeland Casati
TO: Co-workers
RE: Friday expectations

Dear hard-working colleagues,

As you know, our company's busy season begins. We all know how difficult it is to consistently, and with quality, work 60-80 hour weeks during this time.

As a business, to make up for it, we implemented "Summer Fridays" two years ago- where Fridays were taken off, paid, company-wide.

That has made warm-weather Fridays especially valuable to all of us.

But now fall is here, and we hunker down to the race.

Does that mean Fridays may not be appreciated?

Due to the overwhelming penchant for vintage clothes around here, I hereby propose that cold Fridays be proclaimed...
Vintage Hat Day.

Oooooooh yes.
Finally a place to wear them, and the outfit to match.
Contests will be held for most stylin' reused/recycled ensemble; and I'm certain that as this progresses, the categories will expand.

Let the hat-wearin' begin!

Sincerely yours,
Copeland Casati




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