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No New Tale To Tale

Oh yeah. I forgot the plumber was on vacation. So if you want modern house kit updates, skip on.
I'll bore ya.

But IF you want to hear about
  • The Big Buck finally being spotted after cat-and-mouse tracking of 4 years, AND that he really *was* the size of a small horse, still majestically mythic for me but witnessed by my husband and Mr. H,
  • That, like the song above, the trails are overgrown after the mid-summer cutting and we are actively, selectively shaping things to let some trees breathe and not get choked by weeds/seedlings,
  • IF you want to hear about the small community library cookout in an old 1800's train depot along a ghost town-fronted street, where an endless train did rattle by not 5 feet outside while we ate inside, shaking the windows while the children gaped and I absorbed black and white photographs of generations of tales and stories of this community hung along its walls,
  • IF you want to imagine the climbing of impossible hills, the discovering of more secret places, tilting back in your chair at night, craning your neck waaaaaaaaay back to see... galaxies with no light pollution
  • Remember those $2 doors from the 1900s I bought (and felt so guilty I paid $4 apiece?)? We also dragged them out for reuse on top o' bins to make a nice picnic table with a smorgasborad o' camping food- fresh fruit, veggies, hummus, sausage, cheeses, pastsa, homemade bread... decadent!
  • ... then I hope you enjoy the pictures- Click Here to see 'em all.

Oh and by the way:
We did our first badge for our self-created "Kid Scouts"
- a takeoff on the traditional boy scouts except that it's multi-gender, non-religious, no uniforms, and accessible to multiple ages (which means kid siblings can tag along). See, I did Brownies as a child and lasted like a week- it was all about sticking your hand into spaghetti and going "ew, brains!" instead of, er, using your brain. I'm more o' a mumbley peg / archery / sporting gal myself... so...
Kid Scouts it is.

Follow along if you like, join our pirate bunch if you dare. Grab a large blank book (I'm using an album purchased in a thrift store- blank pages to fill with specimens as well as "momma explanations" for the children to enjoy later in life...), follow our course, suggest other badges!

Badge #1: Identify 5 trees. Look at the leaves, talk about how these trees are used or important (Are they providing acorns for wildlife? Hardwood that people used historically in building? An indication of wetlands? Deciduious? Evergreen?). Fall is the perfect time of year to identify shapes, colors, deciduous vs. evergreen. Then, as they learn the tree shapes, the leaves, the bark, they can begin to recognize them throughout the seasons.

Badge #2: Fire. Discuss fire, and how it affects tree generations, a camp fire, a fire in your home and safety. What routes would you take if there were a fire in your home? How do you exit? If exposed to fire, "Stop, Drop and Roll." What is oxygen? How are wood and air important to fires, and sand/water put them out? How are oxygen and water important to plants?

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