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Music, Me.

Especially if you're following me on twitter, you may have started noticing music creeping into my posts.

You see, music has been a huge part of my family.

My grandfather had a music store and tv show in Norfolk, Virginia, even met The Beatles, and had a guitar signed in gold by them... my S. Grandparents aspired to Hollywood (and looked every bit the part).

My mom's side has a long history of bluegrass ( and a long line of banjo folk...).

I grew up with old tunes and new: went straight for punk, which also has melody in it's heart, but retain the old music in my soul. (And yes, that is I with Bo Diddley on my 17th birthday when I opened for him...)

Then, in grad school, I worked in a bank as a temp. In a short period, music was erased from my life.
I had to endure day after day of pop music in a call center where they tried to "pump you up, cheerful!" with the Spice Girls and Mariah Carey and such.

After that, I could not take the white noise- for years, silence.
I didn't even listen to my friend's music!

And then this twitter thing happened, and sometimes in 140 characters or less it's easier to say what I want with music.

Thank you, twitter, and the conversations that let me to start talking, feeling music again:
As usual, now... I can't shut up.

Tonight I leave you with Pokey LaFarge. Because 1. he's supremely talented 2. in these times of trouble, it is great so watch someone with such talent spinning gold with somethin' outta nothin'. and 3. dag. look at those guys having FUN.




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