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Modern Net Zero House Kit Update! Foundation Pictures!

Blah blah blah.
Before I go into that, I'd like to share an email exchange I had with a dear friend of mine this weekend from back-in-the-New-Yawk-Citay-days, who is now living in Tokyo. (But of course she is.)

K. has always been international, and I knew well her tales about her childhood between India and Washington, D.C. and many other environs.

So when I emailed for her vote in Vintage Hat Friday, I got the weirdest response:
"Hi, Copeland!! I'm in Cambodia, visiting my school! It's been an amazing week, the kids here have blown me away. Dirt poor and yet so motivated to learn and to get ahead in the world. Great to hear from you. How are things going in Virginia - I'm returning to Tokyo tomorrow. Love to you and all your gang in the meantime!!! K"
Huh? "I don't remember you in *Cambodia?!?*" I typed back.
"No, no, no - I built a school in Cambodia, a rural school for 414 kids, about an hour south of Phnom Penh. I fundraised to build it and supply it with five computers, a power generator, a water well, electricity, satellite, books. I met all the children and it was a glorious experience. I continue to support them to help them get access to education. Will write more when I return. Love, K "
WHA?!? Rewind: "I BUILT A SCHOOL." And (laughing) if any of you know K., you know she DID.

Honeychiles, I just want to remind you it's alllllllllllllllll in what YOU do, and that... you can do it. Ok, I won't get all sappy, but... K., my dear, from across the world I am *hugging* you so hard and am SO honored you are my friend, despite my silliness and pirate acts o' badness.

So... on to the house kit!
Well, it rained buckets yesterday, from dawn 'till dusk. TORRENTS.
But when we awoke, there was blue sky and lil' bluebirds o' happiness:
Suddenly, we decided: We WILL go to the land!
The land was still shakin' off the rainwater (over 1 1/2 inches yesterday/last night) when we arrived.
Mud don't scare ME!
Bring it on.
So... here's the foundation...
Enjoy the *obviously* professional, highly-thought-out, informative, modern architecture video:

And some pictures.
Enjoy. : )

...AAAAAAAAAAANd.... some more more videos.
Very professionally taken, you've obviously noticed. ; ) Dag we had fun.

Ok, I'm giving myself a high-five for this, called it like I saw it. We have two 400+ pounders on our family farm right now; I grew up *hearing* of occasional bears there, obviously when we bought *this* land if you've been following along we've tracked the imprints, but this was the first scat, I found in two places (gee, was wondering why the usual bobcat scat was more scarce!). Again, SAFE CAMPING AND LIVING keeps humans and wildlife... safe.

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