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Modern House Kit Update and The Saga Of VMI's Basketball Court Continues!

Anyone here like puzzles?

'Cause we're gonna be putting together 5,000 square feet o' VMI basketball court soon... think of it:

The Challenge!

The Fun!

This is better than the crossword in Sunday's Herald Tribune!

Or not.

Any-hoo, Handsome Husband went out to check on the house kit progress, bush hogged the field, and unloaded the VMI floorboards. The rest of this post are his words, hence the sudden dignified tone. Enjoy.

"I got up at 6 am, made coffee and hit the road to approve the foundation preparation and receive the VMI Basketball Floor delivery.

As I was emptying out the shed for the floor the plumbers pulled up and I handed them the PEX tubing I had ordered. I began bush-hogging but Ron, the general contractor, soon arrived and we approved prep work.

(Radiant Heat And Off Grid Foundation Video:)

I returned to the tractor for an hour and the flooring arrived. We have a 20x20 shed and the fork lift was too tall/big so we ended up getting the plumbing crew, which had just finished installing the radiant heat loops, to help and were done within an hour.

(VMI Floorboards Unloading Video 1 of 3)

(VMI Recycled Boards Video 2 of 3)

(VMI Wood Reused In Prefab-ulous House Video 3 of 3)
(Copeland's note: Oh. My. Gosh... can you believe we were actually thinking we could just rent a U-Haul and drive to Lexington, load the wood *JUST THE TWO OF US*, drive to the land, and then UNLOAD it?!?!? Soooooooooooo grateful to Bill Miller of ZellerMiller Companies, a VMI alumni who heard of our plight and used his construction connections to help, Bill Miller SAVED US by putting us together with these people to deliver the wood.)

I invited everyone to lunch, and as we left I noticed a flat tyre on my car - upon return to the site the delivery guys hadn't left yet and raised the car with their forklift so that the tire was changed quickly.

When I finally made it to lunch we spoke about alternative energy and it turns out that the plumbing company has done several geo-thermal projects."

(Copeland's note: Psssst! Check him out, Mr. German-techno-music being a *total* boy and driving around the house kit listening to country. He is having waaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun out there!)

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