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Prefab Green Building House Kit: The Budget, Part 2.

You may be watching my estimated zero energy SIP house kit figures turn slowly into reality here.
(Whoa there, boyz, watch out for Liza Minnelli in that post!)

We aim to slowly turn 55 acres of abandoned 1800s farmland into healthy woods (through crop tree release), improve poor soil to become happier fields (with no-till improvement and planting warm season grasses for better wildlife quail habitat seasonally), and, once we sell our city house, use those proceeds to pay off our investment (if it has not yet been paid off by then), and put the rest towards retirement. This takes years of careful, frugal planning.

Don't you dare call it a weekend home. Oooooooooooh, No. It's a homestead in progress.
It's our "in a few years live totally debt free and off grid permanently plan."
Honeychile, I got tired of watching my money market do zip and instead bought land.
I am using that money to improve my investment slowly while playing in the field, picking blackberries with my chilluns as we walk along the trails, to enable us to live "paid for" and self sustaining as soon as possible.
Can you do that with your money market fund?
"Hey kids! Let's go roll in the empty bank vault!"
Will your bank vault grow food for your family?

Any-hoo, while we ready ourselves for the day our prefab house kit is built (Sept. 22nd it begins! Woo!), I have thrown every bonus and spare change towards purchasing pieces we would need for the construction so that we would not have to utilize a large amount of debt to achieve this dream. Ironically it has made us even more "poor" since that money did not enter our household; but oh so "rich" where we make so much with nothing. : )

Anyway, to make a long story short...
We're cheap.
I'm cheap, frugal, thrifty and terribly adverse to extravagance.
And this project, albeit a dream home/farm, started to sound too, er, a little too Dw-Er, Designer-y dare I say?

My mission is cheap, practical, thrifty, save-till-it-hurts but not bleed-ya-till-you're-dry gorgeous, green, but affordable housing.

So, after a weekend of sailing and pirating on the Bay (which is where our heads clear and we think the best), we firmly resolved we are not going to try to be all Ooo-la-la (really, how Ooh-y can you be with thrift store? How frickin' practical is *fancy* on a farm?).

We are going to restrict our budget further.

Maybe that's an even better story for fiscal conservativism:
Thrifty but not Threatening.

'Cause... we're crafty.
We want to achieve our dream but not kill our finances.

NO frivolous spending! Look to the long term!

I've amassed quite the thrift collection over the years that will easily fill the casa ti. But if you're expecting a showroom instead of a warm family home... well... I can certainly point you easily to other, more glossy venues.
; )

We hope to post our revised estimates & costs this week... stay tuned!

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