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A lovely evening at Green Drinks: UVA's EcoMOD / Eco.House

We had a lovely time at Richmond's Green Drinks at Built Gallery!

The latest Green Drinks revolved around UVA's ongoing prefab, SIPs hybrid, and restoration projects, ECO.HOUSE / ecoMOD

John Quale, LEED, Director of ecoMOD at The University of Virginia gave a great overview of the project, bringing colleagues and participating students into the brave fray.

Who Was There?
Well, you, of course! Just for fun here are some pictures from the event:

My notes:

  1. I found it interesting that the day before the EcoMOD/Eco.House presentation / Green Drinks there was a big ole discussion on Jetson Green ("Prefab is Not The Answer to Affordable, Modern & Green Homes"- and Tree Hugger and other sites' responses to that article about whether Prefab is really the way to go.

    Especially read Lloyd Alter of TreeHugger: 1. Another Opinion and 2. Refab Now!

    UVA's project has had a hand in all aforementioned and argued disciplines: prefab, hybrid SIP, and Refab.

  2. Furthering the Refab discussion, here's another great TreeHugger article that made me giggle and clap:

    The Net-Zero Energy Now House is Really Boring.
Well, we are off to camp.
Looks like those UVA students have been doing a little camping of their own this week
... ; )

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