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Just sharin': A beautiful article in Virginia Living on my beloved cousin, Nancy Ross Hugo and her wildlife farm, Flower Camp!

Thought we all needed some happy fun news after this week:

Virginia Living's Paula Steers Brown covered my beloved cousin, Nancy Ross Hugo, and her wildlife farm, Flower Camp!

I *so* can not wait to tease her about that Jerry Garcia reference in the first sentence:

"In Virginia, in the world of gardening enthusiasts, Nancy Ross Hugo is the equivalent of Jerry Garcia- she makes us all want to leave our day jobs to follow her."


Congratulations, Nancy Preston!!!! : )
(What her family calls her)

As someone who is enmeshed in the web and has loved all the wonderful people and information I have encountered thanks to the internet, I thought this great quote from the article could also apply to our wonderful lil' green online community:

"The group discussion around the campfire, when everyone pulls up an Adirondack chair, turns individual thoughts into collaborative experience."


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