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It's A Small World After All...

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And... we headed to the land.

After a hiatus from the hot, still, summer heat in the fields, when we head instead for water to fish and sail, this time of year signals the return to camping, to gorgeous, colorful fall weekends on the land.

We hurry there, all packed up and practical, seeking its loud, whispering excitement that you can only experience and hear... if you learn to listen.

We met with Ron, our fabulous, revered contractor. We owe Ron and his wife, Judy, so much. We are grateful for their welcoming us into their lives.

We sat down at the picnic table under the oak, crunched numbers, stood up, made Pythagoras' triangles, pondered over a compass, and... laid out the home site.

...Er, again.
(And yes I'm getting Ron to write up a "from a contractor to you" bit o' advice to better foster good working relationships for a blog post...)

Example #1: "Do not take your eyes off of 5 year old who might then decide house markers are fun things to launch."
This time we used metal poles and pounded them in.


Example #2, to obviously not be late to meetings...
We were ten minutes past our allotted meeting time.

However, we had good reason (and called thirty minutes ahead to notify him from the road), that even Ron had to concede and laugh:

I found my doors!

We were truckin' down the road, loaded down with dogs and chilluns and homemade sandwiches and passing about apple slices, when, at a yield sign about 2/3rds of the way there, lo and behold...

A yard sale!

Now, I'm trying to be strong these days and resist the siren's thrifty call.
But as we pulled past, both of us, our sharp, jaded yard sale eyes skimmin'... we both gasped: old, weathered DOORS!

I have always said I wanted the juxtaposition of smooth, modern concrete (for thermal mass), with the modern beautiful design of David Day's casa ti, interspersed with very natural, clean elements: finished interiors with wood, built-ins... and then, my Virginia soul insisted: old, old doors that remind me of the old 200 year-old homes in which I've lived, my old farm, recycled, reused, and giving that... that certain something, I can only describe as HEART.

Saving the stories in those doors, I always imagined to myself (before ever even seeing them).

And here they were: with two adorable children manning their yard sale booth, I peered closer to read the sign:

"Old Doors & Windows. $2 each."

I felt like such a thief...
I insisted on paying...

It took awhile for handsome husband to lash the doors securely to the top of our car.

So those children told MY children stories, and boy did they have stories. They spoke about growing up in Utah, and how their dad had been raised in West Virginia, and they had family in Virginia, and how one day their mom decided to get on the internet and find them (a family of seven : ) ) a new place, a community place... and that's how they ended up here.

I can not begin to tell you how wonderful these children were.

And they even had a cute beagle named Maisy (Jetson Green, you'd better watch out on the cute beagle front! ; ) ) who threatened to lick my children furiously.

Right when I was about to kidnap them, their dad walked up and introduced himself.

Turns out he is in the green building business as a cabinetry craftsman who even worked on the interior of Anthony Brozna's EcoSupply Center and it was... just... so... fortuitous?
...What makes the world go round?
...We might have just made new friends? : )

Really, everything their children had told me about the *why's* of how they came to *be* in this beautiful, rural area of Virginia mirrored our own thinking... we exchanged contact information, and I look forward to getting to know all the people we met that day better. Professionally, and with our families.

(Oh, by the way- he mentioned those doors came from a Fan house he had worked on and that they were from 1905. Yes they're tattered. But that's exactly what I've envisioned all along! History!)

So that's when we notified Ron we'd be a few minutes late, as we were now trundling down the highway at a significantly slower pace.
: )

So, our project update? Foundation foam is in the shed, as is radiant tubing. Foundation is marked, and work begins Monday.

Best part of the day?
I'd have to say, aside from the *gorgeous* weather, the unending view, the rolling hills, mountains in the distance, children giggling, dogs tussling, and, rarely for me, serenity?

Best part was standing within those markers, imagining, all of us:

"And when I'm cooking, I'll look out and see between those two old oaks, and the ridge of foothills far away."

"And HERE is where your room will be..."

"When you wake in the morning, you will see... this."

Here's some more pictures, hope you enjoy!

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