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InLight: A Celebration of 1708 Art Gallery's 30 Years in Richmond Art

Psssst! Hey, y'all...
Come see some art!
C'mon! It's Richmond's InLight!

And for once I'm not going to gab (er, too much) but instead just letcha see it all. (And please, please click on the videos! They're dark but there's music! A New Orleans band doing Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healin'! Oh yessss, brother!)

What a celebration of art, community, and spirit in honor of 1708 Art Gallery's 30th Anniversary and the resurgence of art and vibrancy in Richmond through First Fridays!!!!

I'd like to point out that 1708 Art Gallery is a non-profit space that emphasizes art for art's sake and is not reliant on selling XYZ artist at XYZ commission.

How fortunate we are to have galleries where they have art... just for art. I appreciated *every* wonderful gallery I visited tonight. If you follow the links above you can read all about the participating artists.

As a green business who appreciates green art, I would like to specially mention Scott Kyle, whom I help (poorly) with Richmond Green Drinks. Scott is a green building architect (Full Scale Architecture), very talented, and gives back to our community in SO many ways. (His wife is equally talented & educated in sculpture, hence the ribbing in the above video.)

Scott created a beautiful, ethereal solar installation that... when I saw it...
It just made me happy, it made me think... "Ahhhh. Hope and light." Like twinkling fireflies.
Completely different than what I expected: I had expected whole panels alight.

Scott Kyle went for happy special moments, beaming dancing light as pedestrians passed, rays reaching out to touch all of us... that is some beautiful, solar powered, green ART!
This beautiful solar powered piece bequeaths the city a soulful improvement: Permanent art, that literally and spiritually shines.
(That's high praise comin' from a cranky woman.)

Beautiful work, Scott.

So, below, are some photographs *and* videos (from a cheap ole "you can take this in the rain" camera)- just for fun. Hope you enjoy. I know it's all takin' awhile to load, it's a post full o' ART! : ) It's worth it.

There was high-fashion Wearable Art, music, performance art (yay, Starr Foster Dance Company!) and just... great art everywhere, people smiling, children marveling, students striding... All despite Hurricane Hanna's approach and ensuing rain.

Hope y'all can stop by in person next time.
CONGRATULATIONS to all the participating galleries, artists, and through whom, through your hard work, you all make our community better and more vibrant.

By the way, I also picked up my painting, a painting I *had* to buy when, last time we attended First Friday, I had seen The Secret of Roan Inish the week prior. When I saw this painting... well, in my mind, these words spoke and I immediately bought it. The artist was there- and we talked about his art, and I mentioned how the painting reminded me so much of The Secret of Roan Inish. The irony was that the artist had never seen nor heard of the movie.
This painting means so, so much to me, my love of misfits, the awkward, wild hidden silkie inside all of us, living between the seal and human skins.

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