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Declined by The Virginia Farm Bureau

The Virginia Farm Bureau has turned us down because our beloved family dog is a mastiff/pit mix.

I would like to mention that before we adopted him, our dog was professionally temperament tested and passed with flying colors. I wish that if they're going to discriminate against him, they'd at least meet the dog.

I know many, MANY fellow farming friends who adopt herding/bred-to-guard dogs with protective instincts to guard their livestock.

Is it too much to ask for me to adopt a dog bred to guard my family?

I find it interesting The Virginia Farm Bureau is beginning to ban working breeds. What's next? The Great Pyrenees? The Australian Shepherd? You would think they, more than anyone, would understand the value of a working dog.

es I'm crushed.

I have always admired The Virginia Farm Bureau and was very excited to be a part of their community.

As a life-long gardener, family food producer, preservationist... as a local green business owner who promotes heavily local farm products, and who has come from a family who has had farms for eons... it seemed like the perfect fit.

I can't help but think that with all of our volunteerism, active community spirit, and strong ties to other non-profits... we would have been a family that could have benefited them.

So, in honor of my dog who has gotten our entire family rejected from this organization, I post... pictures of the daggoned dog. (Slideshow below- wait a sec for it to load.)




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