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Radiant Heat Loop Design Complete!

Ahhhhh, a nice little email to wake up to from my handsome husband, sent last night:
"I have finished the drawing for the radiant heat tubing.

We have 2 zones (North and South) each with 3 loops. We have 3 loops each to keep the length of the loop at an efficient level i.e. if you pumped hot water into a single loop per zone it would heat the house unevenly since the water would cool down as it heats up the slab.

In addition the loops are designed according to whether the area of the loop has exterior walls, in which case the loop stays close to the exterior wall as much as possible.

We now need to order the supplies.

Good night!"

What a nice way to start the day!
So today I'll order the foam (for under & around the foundation), double check on other system products that I need to order (like the tubing) or have ordered, and continue to add that information to our list of costs (you can find our cost list here).

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