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Our Eco-Friendly Nap Mat From Baby Momo Has Arrived!

Remember when I was moaning about greening my soon-to-be-in-kindergarten child's school supply list?

Well look what came in the mail!
Our Baby Momo Nap Mat! Our alternative to the vinyl nap mats schools ask you to get for naptime! Nope, ours is not only eco-friendly, easy to handle, and affordable, but check out the supa-cool Japanese Dragon print!

Take that, Kindermat! Hiiiiiii-ya!

Both children think it is super neat-o, and I love the fact that I won't be contributing to a landfill full of a nation-wide school's use of vinyl mats. (Really: Think about how many schools and daycares require them, and how many get thrown away a year. EWWW.)

Thank you, Baby Momo!!!!




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