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More School Supplies...

YES those are flowers from my garden, I try to always have several things blooming despite the season (my favorite plant is mahonia, which blooms in February- lovely on a winter walk and you catch the scent in some hidden garden wafting out- smells like fruitloops!) and yes I love to pick them & have flowers sitting all over the house...

Any-hoo, our excitement was compounded yesterday when a SECOND package arrived (and we were already having a blast with the eco-friendly nap mat!) and in it... The bento box! The WrapMats! The thermos!

As you can see, it is possible for a 5 year old to navigate the opening and closing of the Bento box. And he is SO excited. He won't stop playing with his new items for kindergarten, and his sister is also quite impressed.

I also ordered enough MagiGlue so that if the teachers complain about my not providing Elmer's as requested I can remind them that Elmer's is made of fossil fuels and that I've provided a better alternative for the entire classroom.

Greening of your child's school supplies may take research and time, and even a tad more money. But the many, many lessons you can share throughout the process are lifelong.




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