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Green Tweets

Wow, Jetson Green, we're honored!

And all this time I thought I was driving people crazy with my twitter on twitter. But no, Jetson Green goes and lists my blather as one of their "Must Follow Green Twitter Feeds" so now I'm gonna have to straighten up and not be so silly.... ; ) is that possible?

So, a warning if you look me up on twitter: It is not the professional Green Modern Kits voice, it is I, a renegade housewife losin' her mind while running three companies and trying to create a better life for her family, and community, while being flat-out crazy. : )

Think of it as thus: my blog and articles are for deeper musings; twitter is when I need a giggle- and I need a giggle often.

So look us up- and don't worry, if you block me, I understand! I can't believe people still follow me! : )




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