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Akemi Tanaka Modern Furniture Kit for Green Modern Kits!

I am beside myself, laughing! Because the talented industrial designer / mod furniture queen Akemi Tanaka just sent me her furniture kits for Green Modern Kits.

It fits all the Green Modern Kits requirements:
  • gorgeous design
  • but practical, does multiple things
  • and affordable
Makes me all crafty-feelin' and ready to whip out a saw and hammer and get to work!
We will be offering our furniture as a flat-pack kit... more on that later...

Why furniture? Everyone knows I'm the thrift store/reuse/recycle queen!
But the reality is that with smaller footprints, we need our furniture to do multiple things.
Just like our house kits, this furniture *works.* And looks amazing. And is expected to last.

In the meantime here are some pics of Akemi Tanaka furniture (note: this is custom work NOT her furniture kits!):

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