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I just opened the mail, and with the bills and statements was an official looking package.

I opened it, and found a very pretty, diploma-looking certificate, even with a gold-star-seal-official-shiny stamp on the bottom, saying that Green Modern Kits is now officially TRADEMARKED!!!!

This is especially sweet to me because a few years ago another one of my businesses, Copeland Casati Media C3, was hurt by marketplace confusion by a supposed advertising / creative non-profit that used the same C3 as a logo and was ironically supposed to be helping creative businesses like myself. They rented to people who directly competed against me in the marketplace (my clients started asking if I had moved), as well as was founded by an ad agency here (my business was advertising and technology), and when I asked them to stop using a shared identity, they refused, saying it was inconvenient for them to do so because "they had already printed up their stationary and cards" even though I had been in business eight years before they existed.

Ironically, this "non-profit", owned by an ad agency that then, in the non-profit's name, got their foot in the door to pitch some mighty large local corporations. The Creative Change Center was, I guess, not creative nor ethical enough to change.

Despite that people now jokingly refer to me as "The Real C3" now, it is still ethically not right and still confuses potential clients (I had one even call down there looking for me this year!).

So, here's to Green Modern Kits bein' all official-like an all. : )And for similar reasons, I dedicate this post to Eco Geek and Muhammed Saleem!!!!
May the bullies never rule!

Now I can stride ahead even more happily with what we're doing on Green Modern Kits, and we do have some exciting things in the works for you this fall.

One more reason to make our zero energy house party even BIGGER! Woo! Details comin' soon!

: )

P.s. How ya like my monk?
He never tells my secrets.

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