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Honey Do!

This is the fun part: Finally, I am creating the "honey do" list of... stuff my HUSBAND needs to do so that as soon as the casa ti is finished we can put it all together in the interior quickly. Interior design choices are an area where people can take deliberate steps to reuse, recycle and reduce their lifestyle while creating a welcoming environment they will happily share with friends and family.

(Ooooookay, maybe I'll help him a little... : ) )

Fortunately, through years of using eagle eyes while thrift shopping and scouring local yard sales, we have squirreled away some fabulous, recycled finds. But now we need to buff 'em up, and have 'em ready and waiting for the move.

Recycled / reused items include:
  • A precious 1950's blonde desk/drawer for my daughter's room $15
  • A long, simple yet formal Owen-Suters mahoghany dining table $150
  • Dining chairs - you won't believe 'em till ya see 'em but they're so simple and mod and beautiful $15 a pop
  • Knoll couch found in an antique store that specialized in "Virginia colonial" $65 Bwha-hahahaha!
  • Two matching coooooooooool open ended rounded corner bookcases, veddy mod $30
  • A Danish 1950s china cabinet $100
  • 12 piece silverplated flatware- an entire set from the 1960s $65
  • A plethora of assorted dishes / serving pieces / bowls etc. Hmmm... I have no idea the actual cost as I've been collecting that stuff for years but I assure you they were cheap, cheap, cheap!
  • Various recycled lamps (I'm sure I can spare a few in here ; ) ) $10-ish bucks a pop
  • Awesome coffee press of unknown origin but makes like 18, yes, 18 cups! Woo! $5
  • Cool 1970s fabric art piece I bought at a yard sale for $15
And now, to look for and try to find in our local reuse stores like Habitat For Humanity's Restore and Caravati's:
  • A cool tub (more on that later because there is a feature David Day designed that I need to be careful of when choosing a tub plus it needs to fit with a composting toilet in that space)
  • Plain sink for the kitchen island (more on that in a later post)
  • Marine stove top (propane powered since the house is off grid)
  • Juice glasses for thirsty-clamoring-for-water children!
  • Wine glasses for, um, thirsty-clamoring-for-wine adults!
So... sweetie-my-dearest-husband... that's all we have to do!
Get on it!
; )

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