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My Mom Can Tie A Bowline Faster Than Your Mom

While our contractor is on vacation, we headed down to the Chesapeake Bay.

There, I grew up sailing, fishing, crabbing, swimming, capsizing opponents boats, honing strategy in overtaking and turtling your enemy, hijacking, bribing, quick getaways, and out-navigating those that come after you... in other words, Pirating 101.

Last night, at dinner, my mom was showing some of the young'uns some skillz.

For you landlubbers, a bowline is a very valuable knot, and the more at ease and efficient you are at creating one, the better.

Here's my mom, showin' her bowline efficiency after a great day of teaching the next generation all manners of stealth and craftiness. ; )

(P.s. When she laughs at the end, what she's saying is, "Does anyone else want to see this?" and I replied, "Actually, more people than you would ever imagine are gonna see this..." ; ) )

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At 7/2/08, 11:32 AM , Blogger Dog Gone said...

Wow, your mom sounds like my mom!!


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