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Green drywall alternatives

EcoRock's not out yet, so it looks like it will be DensArmor PlusĀ® Paperless Drywall by Georgia-Pacific for the prototype. You can pick it up easily in most Lowe's. Again, cost at Green Modern Kits is everything: we celebrate affordable great design!

To compare prices, I trundled over to Lowe's and see the following:
Georgia Pacific
11/32" 4' x 8' Ply-Bead Classic: $16.97

Ok, so that's a standard plywood solution.

Now for cheap-o traditional drywall:
1/2 4x8 $6.75

And the DensArmor PlusĀ® Paperless Drywall?
1/2 4x8 $10.98

And oh yes, I checked, it is actually in stock in my local store.

I will also mention that the cute guy I spoke with paused and said,
"And just so you know, if you work with that stuff, be careful with it! Me and my buddies had to unload it and my arms were on fire!"
"Oh you poor dear! Yeah, that's probably because there's fiberglass in it."

So don't forget: It may be paperless, but (cue in Bryan Adams here) it Cuts Like A Knife!
(na na na naaaaah na nah, na na...)

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