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Crazy Interior Finish of SIPs Walls Idea: Recycled "Art"

This is what happens when my husband goes away... he really does keep me sane, you know.

Until recently, I could brag that our office only used *at the most* three reams of paper a year.

And then the children went on a drawing binge.

It's driving me bonkers- on one hand, I cringe, "Don't waste paper!!!" then cringe at myself: "How dare you call their artistic pursuits wasteful?" So I stack the drawings in a corner, guiltily...

Today I was pondering over how to finish our casa ti interior.
I've always envisioned it with sleek, organic, simple plywood, which I thought would look really good with the more industrial concrete floor.

But I like to consider all options, and even published a post on how to make SIPs stew.

And then I thought... "Why not recycle those drawings?"
They are mainly scribbly ink drawings on notebook paper left over from college days, or grabbed from our office shelf.
So the overall effect would be clean, white, but with scribbles and occasional bursts of color...
I could easily attach it directly to the SIPs walls, then maybe minwax / add beeswax over it once hung... just for... fun!

I still see the end result eventually being plywood... but to reuse the paper and childrens "art" for our house? Fantastic!

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At 6/9/08, 11:17 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

P.s. Although I originally spoke with Anthony Brozna about alternatives to drywall, I also mentioned my harebrained recycled children's drawings idea, and he said it was absolutely feasible and that I could coat the drawings with AFM Polyureaseal.

Just fyi in case anyone is interested... : )


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