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I'm going to ICFF!!!!

Now I know that's no big deal to most of you, who have planned for months to attend. But for me to get away is a big, last minute, whirlwind deal, especially as I am seriously hard up for sitters during sailing season.

Just to be difficult I’ve decided I am only taking what I can fit in a small knapsack.

SO if ya see a girl with pink hair and a yellow knapsack with Finnish writing on it (OF COURSE it’s in Finnish!) then please say hi!

One of my best friends owns a restaurant on Ganesvoort Street (where a bunch o’ parties are going to be).

V: "Yay, I’ll make a reservation at the restaurant-- my treat!"
Me: "We’re not eating at your restaurant if you’re paying! If that’s the case... then I’m eating at... um, Pizza Hut!"
V: "You loser, there’s no Pizza Hut in Manhattan!"
Me: "YOU’re the loser if you have to make a reservation in your own restaurant!"

Aren’t we sweet? That’s what real friends are for... : )




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