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ICFF: Rambling OT overview of what I did during ICFF when no one was lookin'

My Nice Essay On How I Productively Spent My Time At The ICFF
by Copeland Casati

I will follow up with specific posts on specific companies' products, but let's cut to the chase:
The ICFF was gosh-darned good fun.

But if you want to know all the naughty things we did... well, then check back here. This post will grow over the next day... and...

I have pictures to prove it...

; )

Chapter 1

After taking a seven hour train ride feeling quite queasy (probably from my friend's book release party celebrations the night before) I hoofed it in brand new shoes from Penn Station, with a huge yellow knapsack on my back, to the ICFF at the Javitz Center.

After walking the aisles for hours, I then hopped the subway to Gansvoort Street to meet with my dear, beloved (I adore this girl!) college friend V. who, upon seeing me for the first time in years, suggested, "Let's get a drink."

I thought that was a fantastic idea.
But when the elevator doors opened to reveal the rooftop of the Soho House in full, Saturday late-afternoon play... I thought, "Well, I guess I shoulda brushed my hair- or at least my teeth first, huh?" What can you do except just keep goin'.

We settled into lounge chairs and I surveyed the scene.
This Manhattan I never knew: In the center, a pool, surrounded by lounge chairs and cocktail tables, and people just... laughing. Sometimes they didn't even laugh at anything or with anyone; they laughed at air. Turn slightly, laugh. Move slightly, laugh.

Here I was in New York, blistered heels and dumpy dress, finally sipping a nice cocktail, but feeling sooooo dirty from the train ride, the day-old makeup slidin' off my face, the sore spot between my shoulders from carrying immensely heavy knapsacks across subway platforms and up endless stairs; trudging blocks, a thin bag stuffed with ICFF cards, brochures, and...
Here I was, amidst crisp shirts and loafers, girls in short tulle dresses paired with high, high stillettos and overly pink lips and tousled blond hair... laughing.

All about, sunglassed faces all seemed to nod and laugh, nod and laugh- life was grand, and everyone agreed: "We are lucky."

Chapter 2
We had a lovely dinner in V.'s restaurant, and then decided to switch gears.

Maybe I had been on good behavior too long.
We popped in to Hogs & Heifers for a quick Pabst Blue Ribbon and that's when they started making fun of me because I wouldn't do shots with my beer. Started taunting me because I was from Virginia. Dared me to get up on that bar because everyone knew Virginia girls can't dance.
So what's a girl to do?

Join 'em.

I thought I looked cool and sexy.

I think they had a good laugh at my expense.

Weird how the pictures didn't turn out to show the cool person I *thought* I was at that moment but instead a total dork dancing really stupidly...

Oh well, it was fun!

And my dumpy hindquarters were soooooooore the next day from all that dancing!

Ah, but the evening was just starting.

There was champagne at Buddah Bar, then we headed over to Plum.

Because V. has a certain relationship with the club, we were led to an area that was more roomy, at least in the beginning.

Then these poor band boys came in and had to get stuck with us. They had a slew of people with them, enviously eyed our area, but honeychiles, we were soooooooooo not budging.

I mean, what's a housewife to do on a Saturday night?

In the end we all became friends. They were very nice cute young boys and put up with our dancing and silliness quite well. : )

This one I liked in particular, his name was DJ something-or-another but his mom once lived in Alabama and we talked about his grandmother and family. And southern food.

Finally we crawled into bed around 3, in anticipation of another day at ICFF!

That will be Part Two of Off Topic...

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