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ICFF: Quick note on parties

Hands down, Hard Core Design ( was the best.
Do you think I'm biased towards the Finns? ; )

I couldn't understand why Design Within Reach was packed to the gills with tumultuous crowds yelling over each other... when they could have been contemplating art.

I walked into Hard Core Design... and saw
Pentagon Design: Touching, Tactile Surfaces (Tikkurila), The Animal Farm...
Touching, Tactile Surfaces (2006) is composed of live sized animals. Painted with new, innovative paint products, the installation intends to emphasize the touch and feel of the painted object. The “animal farm” invites the visitors to pet the animals and experience the different structures and surfaces of the paints. The aim is to show that today’s paints are much more than just colors, they can be functional and interactive: they may be magnetic, they may be used as blackboards, or the paints may resemble a rough concrete surface.

And the Palm Chandelier, Latva Coatrack...

For some reason I suddenly can't upload images so I might just post directly on building green tv...




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