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ICFF: Mod West Furniture System by Holly Everett

I spoke to Holly about her system, and was impressed by how her product can turn into so many things, without tools, that really could benefit people with a fast, mass need for furniture.

I also loved her enthusiasm for allowing the consumer to choose whether they would finish in high-end, or as lo- as having people make their own (inflatable) cushion covers.

"The components can be made out a variety of materials, ideally molded out of lightweight, inexpensive, renewable, and recyclable materials. These components could be easily flat-packed with all needed materials to configure beds and/or tables. The lightweight, durable materials, combined with economical packaging, save enormous energy and resources.

The sizes of readily available materials played a key part in the design. For example, the sizes of all hard and soft surface materials (cushion foam, plywood, recycled plastics, and composite resins) are generally available in 24-48" widths. The interior of the design's standard triangle was scaled to conform to those standard sizes in order to conserve materials and reduce waste. The system contains hard-surface triangles (i.e., a table) and soft-surface triangles (i.e., a cushion). An inflatable cushion, now in development, will provide multi-functionality with even fewer components.

The Mod West Furniture System can be produced as a high-end product or a low-end product, an indoor or outdoor product; think chrome/leather vs. plastic/inflatable. The design is aesthetically pleasing and its functionality can transform indefinitely in both residential and commercial settings.

The system can grow and evolve with its users as demand grows. There are dozens of additional modules which seamlessly add on to these base components."




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