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I decry the princess.

Today was my daughter's 4th birthday.

She likes ponies and unicorns and princesses.

So she got a new princess dress, and we played "Pin The Tail On The Unicorn" and "Whack The Unicorn Pinata" and "Pony Treasure Hunt."

But I tell ya. I "get it" that that's how many girls are wired.
(Which is hard, because I was chasing bugs, building forts and damming creeks at her age...)
I support it. And she does loves camping and mud puddles.

But darned if I'm going to raise a girl like those that I have seen, a big ole generation-wide crop o' gals, now in their late teens & early twenties, believing that being a Princess means maxing out credit cards "Because I'm worth it", taking out car loans so they can drive a pink camaro with a thong dangling in the mirror, wearing zirconia necklaces proclaiming "Princess" and "Diva" while fooling themselves, denying themselves education/hard work opportunities... because they think they "deserve it," whatever "it" is at the moment despite their bank overdraft statements, their credit card minimum payments, their refusal to consider striving for their best to better themselves instead of expecting others to provide it.

I guess this the endless reflection of older generations looking down. But I have been alarmed by the irresponsible spending habits of girls who "bought" into the "I deserve this and give it to me now, damned the consequences!" mentality with no thought to or consideration for "I earned it, saved for it, bought it with cash, boo-yeah for me!"

Where's that celebration and proud declaration?

This is a green post. It is green because green building and living is intertwined with responsibility and careful reflection on how our actions affect others and ourselves.




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