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Garden Revenge.

Garden Revenge.
The endless battle of the weeds.

So this year, I decided to eat them.

For three years I have been pulling daylilies and planting them in the alley, the ditch, the land, giving them to friends... But it's never enough. And I hate to just throw out anything, much less a living plant.

Then last year I planted a bunch o' medicinal plants, just to see what they looked like, and discovered several of them were invasive.

So this morning I harvested the burdock, the daylilies.
And ate 'em.

And I feel smug.

I got the recipe for the burdock here:

Now there are several tips: After scrubbing, boil the burdock a good long time. Then you can peel back by hand the outer layer of the root, revealing the inner root. For the daylilies: wash thoroughly outside, then keep rinsing in a pot inside, even more than leeks. Cut both in 1/2 inch pieces after cooking, as they are fibrous. Seriously, eat like this often and there's no need for store-bought fiber!

**Note: It has been said that daylilies cause upsets in 1 of 50 people, just to warn you.**

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