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Chicken Tractors

I had a great meeting with the Firestone Una-Clad, etc. (wall & roof) distributors today, more on that later- it is probably obvious to all of you that I am not in the mood to be staid and professional this week... at least, in my blog!

So I will move on to chicken tractors.

My husband is in Europe, and while there, I am running this household 100% the way *I* want to. No more chocolate sandwiches for the children's breakfasts! (He always pleads his childhood with Nutella-actually our children eat very well- hand picked veggies and free range meat. But he does slip them an awful lot o' sugar and blames it on Europe...)

He is the "good guy" in the family, *while* being the voice of reason.

And the voice of reason is gone.

So heck ya.
I'm going to make a chicken tractor to occupy my time and when he returns he might find a whole flock o' chickens in the backyard!

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