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At the Bay... Reminiscing on Mumbly Peg.

We are at the Bay.
I consider, and voice, "I think L. is about old enough to have his first Swiss Army knife!"

My husband launches into his European childhood memories of being not allowed to own or play with knives.

"Yeah, but you didn't grow up in the south.
When I was his age I was an ace at playing mumbly peg at camp!"

Which neccessitated an explanation on how to play mumbly peg.
And that at camp we not only played mumbly peg, but our activities were:

"M-a-n-a-k-i-n, that's the way ya spell Man-a-kin!
That's the place where we have our fun:
Rowin' our boats and shootin' our guns!

Now the meals are fine
and they taste just right.
Keepin' us strong and feelin' sprite;
We're so sad when the bell does ring: we must leave Camp Manakin.

But that's not all there's something more:
The next day comes and spirits soar-
Archery, crafts, and then there's more:
Camping, swimming 'till about four!

Ohhhhhh M-a-n-a-k-i-n, that's the way ya spell Manakin! That's the place where we have our fun, rowin' our boats and shootin' our guns!"

Not only was I a champ at knife games, we all were! Every kid had their knife, and we played mumbly peg to pass the time during those long, lazy afternoons where we sought shelter from the heat under old trees and poison ivy-infested woods.
Because... well, we had time to pass.
What children have lazy days now?

Now I could use my Beretta knife I always have by my side, but that's just not the same.
So tomorrow off to the hardware store I go, searching for knives.

And a nice long summer teaching and playing mumbly peg.

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