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Wonderful weekend

We spent the day on the land and had a wonderful time—everything is in bloom, the landscape is just gorgeous—lots of rolling hills and beautiful old farms…

We went to visit our friends and the children fed their baby lambs which they loved, and the Amish were selling goat cheese so I grabbed that up along with some pickled beets, dinner rolls, zucchini relish and cookies, and bought some lamb, and then guess what?

We found out that there is a WINERY right down the road from us! So that is something else to do!
Here it is:

It is not two miles away from us, so that is going to be really fun.

Now we’re all sun burnt and tired but sooooooooooo happy… and picking off ticks.

But it was worth it, and the dogs will sleep for days...

And I just tried the goat cheese on a dinner roll and it was deeeeee-lish.



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