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What I Did During The Tornado

Now before anyone starts nit-picking me for picking flowers... well, you must know that I'm a sailor and have actually sailed about a tornado. Oh yes, I did. AND there was the time a tornado went across my family farm, much less the flood... so I do know what it feels like when the tornado is hitting. I didn't feel it, hence the flower-picking.

So, when Amy (for those of you that don't go on myspace, Amy is referred to as Amy-The-Girl-Who-Refuses-To-Enter-Myspace in my myspace posts)... anyway, when Amy-The-Girl-Who-Refuses-To-Enter-Myspace checked the weather channel and plugged in our zip code, the internet result said,

"What chooo doin', fool? Get in yer basement!"

(Ok, fine, it actually said,
"Tornado has been spotted, get in the basement NOW you fool!")

See, I always overact.

Any-hoo, when we read that strange warning on, (Really, I've never heard the weather channel say get in the basement, how rude!) I looked up and saw...

ominous clouds...
no green sky. (I always remember the green sky from my "real" encounters.)

After a split second, staring into sky, I was bored, and since our work day was shot, I thought I'd go pick some roses (I mean, if a tornado is coming I would hate for them to go to waste) and then thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about Slow Food and growing your own food and...well, just celebrate how nice the garden was looking despite imminent doom.

So here are a few pictures from an... ahem... stormy day.



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