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Self Cleaning Paint? Give it here!

You should see our walls.

Every now and then I really, really look at them.
Maybe I'll be sitting in a sunbeam on the floor, enjoying the day, and then suddenly get a full eye-view glimpse of what we've wreaked over the year:

  • The sippy cups dashed to the floor... wow, who knew milk flew that far and high?
  • The grime from husband's latest "Oh I'm just gonna sand this piece o' furniture... in the bedroom."
  • The detailed ink pen drawings of a 3 year old... the crayon, the marker, the pencil...
  • And, I admit: the red wine stains flung and spattered from a too good party... they *always* trip over that dag-goned rug!

And then I read:
Self Cleaning Paint.


Give it here, prof, I have a great test lab fer ya.




"Self-cleaning Paint Uses Light to Cleanse Walls

CORAL GABLES, Florida, April 27, 2008 (ENS) - It sounds like something out of a householder's fantasy - walls covered with self-cleaning paint that repels dirt and grime.

But this new kind of paint is a reality now being tested on the walls of research lab at the University of Miami College of Engineering. The experimental initiative is designed to fit into the university’s commitment towards environmental sustainability on campus.

Dr. James Giancaspro, an assistant professor at the department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering has applied the innovative product on the walls of his lab, where undergraduate and graduate students work. The self-cleaning paint is an ecologically friendly product, Giancaspro says, which has the ability to keep walls clean and maintenance free by repelling dirt, smog, bacteria, algae and fungus that normally accumulates on surfaces, eliminating toxic odors at the same time. "


Read more here!




Sorry, guys, I survived the tornado.

So if you *thought* you saw a pink haired lady riding a shed through the sky cackling wildly… well, you shoulda just waved!

Any-hoo, I will avoid my usual, well-known gushing on Finland but thought I'd share this article from...

Kemira's nano products
Clean wall, fresh air

"The photocatalytic paints and plasters that have just come onto the market include nanocrystalline material thanks to which the consumer sees a cleaner wall and breathes fresher air," say Visa Vehmanen, a researcher at Kemira Oy.

Kemira Oy produces photocatalytically active nanocrystalline titanium dioxide that can be used as a raw material in self-cleaning paints and plasters that also clean the air.

Photocatalytically active titanium dioxide can decompose organic substances into carbon dioxide when it absorbs light. A photoactive paint surface decomposes dirt from its surface and harmful substances, like nicotine, from the air," Vehmanen explains.

Old becomes better

The opaque titanium dioxide crystal traditionally used in paints is more than 200 nanometres in size. The photocatalytically active titanium dioxide crystal is about 20 nanometres. The smaller size makes greater photocatalytic activity possible.

"With research methods based on nanotechnology we have a better understanding than before of what happens in the production process of titanium dioxide. When we understand the process thoroughly, we can affect the properties of products on a nanometre scale and make better products."

Nanotechnology is, according to Vehmanen, a means of obtaining better products from old ones. On the other hand, nanotechnology makes it possible to develop completely new applications.

"Nanotechnology is one part of the rapid technological development. From the consumers' perspective the most important thing is how the product works. Whether there is a new property in a product thanks to nanotechnology or not is of hardly any significance to the consumer," Vehmanen states. "Users of photocatalytic paints and plasters are still few in number, but usage is growing all the time."



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