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The original C3 lives.

Almost ten years ago, I started a small business.
C3 was my prominent logo, and it was a very personal choice because it formed my intitials: CCC. My business, Copeland Casati Media C3, was technology and advertising.

Despite starting a company from scratch with no industry name, no salary, and no employees, I persevered, and succeeded. So imagine my horror when, after eight successful, hard driven years, I opened the paper, a newborn at my breast, and read,
"C3 Creative Change Center, a creative advertising and web center in downtown Richmond!"

Um... I'm in advertising and web. For years.

So I called them.
"I am so sorry, don't worry, I'm not mean, but I'm sorry but I have been using C3 as my logo for years and you rent space to people who compete against me!"

Their response was, "Well we already printed letterhead, so despite the fact that we're supposed to be championing small creative businesses, um, sorry, it's not convenient to rethink our month-old identity."
Oh yes it was.

I then had to spend the money I would have spent for our first family vacation *ever* on a lawyer to protect who I was and had been for eight-ish (nine? ten?) years. Because after my phonecall, instead of doing the right thing, acknowledging that there was already a C3 in Richmond... they... tried to trademark the name!

Instead of them doing the right thing.
And with a minister or someone ministry-related at the helm, a Michele Stuchell who was supposed to be this good person championing creatives like... um, myself, a creative who started a creative business using C3, in 1999. Oh, Yes.

I would go in to pitch new clients and they'd say, "Hey, isn't your office at (where the Creative Change Center was) XYZ?" or "Did you just have that party?" Current clients asked me if I moved. And people called there looking for me, here.

So, in honor of the REAL, ORIGINAL, HOMEGROWN C3, ; ) I would like to publish the no longer working but supposedly C3 Creative Change Center domain: which shows nothing.

C3 Creative Change Center. Couldn't you have been creative and... changed?

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