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Visible Fences, Hidden Meanings

We all know the saying... Good fences make good neighbors...

On the Bay, fences are rarely used.

Yesterday I took you for a lil' tour of mid-century modern. Unfortunately, these architectural gems are not as appreciated today as new homeowners raze and build three story monstrosities.

I just sit back, admire the original squat mod architecture (where it still exists) and tell myself that those tall glass houses will overheat the occupants or shatter with the first real storm.

Oh, and are there storms.
So doesn't it make sense to build for it? Low to the land, taking advantage of the breeze... but you've already read that post, now, haven't you?

Today I'll review newer architecture on XYZ Point, and show you the changing landscape...

For example,
I see this...

Change to this... now twenty feet to the right of the above picture...

Ah yes, vinyl houses rise out of farm fields... can someone please tell these guys about Smart Growth?

At least some people are incorporating their "new" structures into the original architecture, look closely:

This homeowner did NOT tear down the original cottage, and instead expanded and incorporated the original into the larger total structure.

Sure does fit a lot o' grandchildren...

Any-hoo, on my documentation of mid-century modern, it also compelled me to more closely inspect the overall architecture... and fences.

As a landowner I understand the value of a fence. It keeps livestock in, coyotes out, provides clear delineations between what is "yours" and "mine" so that there doesn't have to be the wondering and feuding that occur when there is that question.

However, as someone who adores Snufkin, the fence statement is all in how ya do it.

This fence says,
"Step through the exuberant garden and come in for a cup o' tea!"

This fence says, "Come in! Gather round, it's time for lunch after a long morning of sailing! Momma's just come in from pruning hydrengas for the table and made you grilled cheese and a glass o' cold milk!"

And this fence?
This fence, below, says...

"You're not invited and we sooooooooo don't want to know you. You thah, yes, you there on the road, keep along, hop now, move on!"

Well, guess what, Mr. Snotty Fence:
Here, as we tumble out and run wild like pirates on the Bay... we might not want to know you, either.

Let the good times roll!

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