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SIPs Tips: I think I'll call this one SIPs Stew.

As our prefab modern kits are made out of SIPs, I have been thinking of fun ways to finish off my own casa ti house kit that we're building this spring.

I will have a poured smooth concrete floor (with radiant heat embedded), and considered hanging plywood on the interior walls to give it a nice natural finish-- I enjoy the juxtaposition of industrial and natural.

But I love to consider all sorts of interior finish possibilities, so here's the latest one for those on a budget and finish-little-details-yourself adventure.

If you'd like to explore another method than just finishing the interior with drywall, consider these alternatives:

1. Just painting over the SIPs- however, it will give you a rough feel as the panels are particleboard. I kinda like that; however, my husband nixed it.

2. Hanging plywood as I mentioned before

3. SIPs Stew:
  • Treat the SIPs wall seams first so they're smooth
  • Create a mixture of drywall compound and latex paint, until it's the consistency of pancake mix, and apply with a thickly knapped roller.
  • The result is a thick, thick paint that should smooth the particleboard feel while adding color and consistency to your wall!
  • If you want to take it a step further, finish it by "knocking down" which will give it the similar appearance of stucco!
Sounds messy but do-able.
I just might do this so others can see how it turns out.

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