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Huh? Clean Coal? Remembering global change starts in our own back yard.

Huh? Clean Coal? Remembering global change starts in our own back yard.

Call me a geek (oh, yes I heard you!) but I have a green building group on myspace.

Normally I would never bring it up, it’s more of a diversion from work when my eyes start to criss-cross-- I then head over and drop a silly post on passive solar gardening (get it, a cold frame?) or take pictures of my latest solar cooking endeavor just to annoy the architects and engineers...

But two posts I would like to share for several reasons:

One, regarding a solar powered plant being built by Arizona Power, perked the interest of a thermotechnic engineer reader in Serbia.

Next thang ya know, I’m dialoging back and forth with a charming Renewable Energy dude from Arizona Power and the Serbian engineer as they ask each other questions... It really makes you think about the power we have to effect change in our world... and as I pondered those intricacies, I realized that the engineer’s questions regarding Arizona Public building a solar power plant reminded me that such technology and innovation is not national, not global, but that we need to apply and educate people within our own local back yards.

Here, in Virginia, there is a proposed "Clean Coal Power Station" in Wise County, Virginia.

Read Dominion Energy’s take on it here:

...and opposition here:
(and more...)

With technology such as Arizona Power is implementing...
why are we even discussing coal?

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