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Systems Design

We have been working on systems design for the past weeks.

Unfortunately, as perfect as the casa ti is, it is not designed to house off grid systems. We *may* have to tweak it a tad to fit in everything...

Keep your fingers crossed...

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At 1/12/08, 7:52 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

*Phew* looks like it t'ain't so!

Ok this is what we did.
The battery & hot water storage are now in the foundation- opened with a trap door, as close to the hot water consuming systems as possible.

Basically it's an insulated box with a membrane in it and saves the cost of having to house and pay for a conventional hot water storage tank above the foundation.

The other information of note is that, while exceeding my (yes I will say now it was a completely ignorant goal) 50k goal of affordable housing, it does look like we will finish our own casa ti at around 100-110k.

But don't forget:
This puppy is off grid! Gorgeous! And solid! Passive solar! Award winning architect!
For the price of conventional construction.

We will have to review all the numbers once the project is completed. But... that is where we stand today.


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